Birth Injury and its Possible Causes

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Through modern medicine, doctors and mothers are provided with choices on how to make the birthing process less painful and a bit faster. In every procedure, however, more so surgical procedures, there are trade-offs that can be a cause of danger and, unfortunately for many mothers about to give birth, they are never told about this possible danger.

The dangers associated with birthing procedures often result to birth injuries. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, there are about 28,000 birth injury cases reported every year; about 9,000 of these result to the death of a new born.

Majority of birth injury cases, though, as well as of other medical errors, are due to acts of negligence; this means that injuries or deaths resulting from these acts and mistakes are totally preventable had proper care been observed. According to birth injury attorney from the Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck, P.A., law firm a birth injury can be due to:

  • A doctor depending too much on modern medical devices
  • A doctor failing to dedicate the time to prepare for proper birth
  • A doctor dangerously performing a rush delivery
  • Incorrect or unnecessary use of assisting tools such as forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Improper distress monitoring
  • Failure to perform emergency cesarean surgery when needed
  • Incorrectly pulling or twisting the baby during delivery
  • Medicating the mother with drugs unsuitable for pregnancy

Giving birth to an injured infant only because of the carelessness of someone who you very much trusted is a very painful reality to many American families.

All the months of discomfort and, finally, the labor pains felt by an expecting mother should be turned into the most wonderful of feelings as she gives birth to her baby – this is how things should be, but not for all mothers. It takes only a single mistake from an obstetrician and his/her team to make a new born suffer a lifetime of medical problems; worst, however, is a mistake which cause infant death.

There are different factors resulting to birth injury, also known as birth trauma. It could be delayed birth; oxygen deprivation; the fetus is in an abnormal position in the uterus (during birth); the baby is too big; or, difficult delivery, which happens if the mother’s birth canal is too small.

Families of injured infants have all the reason to pursue legal action against careless doctors and other negligent medically trained personnel – both for the purpose or making sure that those liable would exercise extreme care in the future, as well as for seeking compensation for the child’s sake and future.

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